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Moving Cleaning

Moving Cleaning Services

One of the worst parts about moving is the cleaning. Whether renting or owning, you want to leave a clean space for the person who comes after you and of course, start off your new living space without the filth and germs of the person before you. Moving is a time for a fresh start and new habits. Now is the chance to live differently and better than ever before.

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Elkhart Cleaners will help the moving process go a little smoother. Hire our professionally trained housekeeping staff to help with any or all of the following moving services:

  • Get your home ready for an “Open House”
  • Clean your “old” apartment or home to ensure full deposit return and/or a fresh start for the new residents

Clean your “new” apartment or home before moving begins to have a clean slate before moving in all of your belongings  ​

Are you a Landlord?


Cleaning in-between residents can be the worst part of being a landlord. Our residential cleaning staff is trained to make sure your homes are well-maintained and no tasks get missed. You want your residents to have a fresh start and your home to have a detailed clean. You can’t control if your residents don’t clean, which can lead to the value of your property decreasing. Our cleaning crew will help make your new residents happy and your home value increasing. We will give you one less thing to worry about.

It is much harder to get a detailed clean once furniture and all of your other belongings fill your home. If you plan on buying a home or moving in the near future, plan ahead by scheduling our services before your move in all of your belongings. Let the best housekeeping company in Elkhart help your transition go smoother. Not only will it feel better moving into a clean house, it’s absolutely the best option for your health.

​Unfortunately, the people who lived in your home or apartment before you may not have had good cleaning habits. Keep your family safe. Elkhart, Indiana’s top home cleaner will remove all traces of the occupant before you and move in day smelling fresh. Can’t schedule before moving in? No problem, we can still give your new space deep cleaning services it needs to give you a fresh start.

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Give Cleaning Services as a Housewarming Gift

Remember that Elkhart Cleaners services can be given as a gift to someone you care about! Our cleaning services are the perfect housewarming gift. Moving takes a lot of time and effort. It’s exhausting to uproot your life and start over. Show someone you care by giving Elkhart Cleaners cleaning services in their new home or work space. It’s a gift that won’t collect dust on a shelf but will provide practical help.

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