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Elkhart cleaners are here to do it for you. We understand that life gets busy and are here to help you spend more time on the things that matter.  We do it for you to give you more time on the things that matter.

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We proudly provide housekeeping help for both residential and commercial customers. We will maintain your home and your office. We are passionate about serving our community. Thank you for supporting your local businesses!

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We pride ourselves on being Elkhart’s most affordable and convenient house cleaning service. As most of our clients prefer to schedule recurring visits, we want to make sure our prices make that possible. We can set up appointments to discuss your specific needs and preferences.Common housekeeping plans can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.

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Our housekeepers personalize visits by offering an optional meet and greet before beginning services. This meeting can be done over the phone,in the comfort of your own home, or virtually. With this meeting our customers have a chance to share preference and anything that may need more of our attention. Elkhart Cleaners customize your experience to meet your needs. Giving the customer the power to decide when to receive professional house cleaning services.

Our visits can also be purchased as a gift for someone else. For holidays, birthdays, for a friend going through a hard time in life, our assistance is the perfect gift. We are happy to set up visits with the consent from the gift recipient. Imagine how wonderful it would be to not have to worry about weekly upkeep for your house when life gets hectic. We all know someone who could benefit from this gift of service. A gift of service is especially amazing for new parents, loved ones with an illness, or when someone has experienced the loss of a loved one. It’s more than a housecleaner, it’s the gift of  one less thing on the To Do List. Ask us how it works!

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The cleanliness of your home or office can have a major effect on you and your families health. Your home is where you and your family should feel safe. Common dust allergies can cause uncomfortable symptoms every day. For most people this is completely avoidable if living in a dust free environment. Dust can have major effects on respiratory health and is especially harmful for people with asthma. Breathing issues that come from exposure to dust can also greatly affect sleep. Where there are breathing issues, there are sleeping issues. Having dust in your home does more than cause an occasional sneeze. It can unknowingly affect your whole life!


An unclean home is also much more likely to attract pests and rodents. Some of the most common pests issues include ants, flies, mites, mice, and even cockroaches. Somethings as small as a crumb can sometimes attach a storm of ants into your home. Without routine upkeep in the home, the likelihood of pests entering the home skyrockets. Having pests in your home is more than an annoyance, they can also greatly affect your health! Many household pests are disease carriers that are harmful to human health. Something as simple as a housefly can bring bacteria that spreads throughout your home as they multiply. By simply having routine sweeping, especially in the kitchen, likelihood of pests entering your home decreases and saves you and your family from coming in contact with the diseases these pests carry. 


Home upkeep also greatly affects the mental health and productivity to everyone who enters your space. Over and over research has shown the positive effects clean homes have on lowering symptoms of anxiety and depression. Research also clearly shows that anxiety leads to other major health issues such as heart palpitations and other cardiovascular issues. The upkeep of your home matters. Experts have said that our homes reflect our minds. But we know its not that easy. That is why we want to help your minds be clear by tackling your homes for you. Your guests, pets, and children will thank you.


Of course this is a crazy time for everyone. We want to do our part in keeping the community safe and healthy. With everyone being at home, homes will need disinfected more frequently. Be sure to disinfect your homes daily and wash all blankets, pillows, and linens to keep your homes germ-free. Thank you for anyone still supporting your local businesses during this time. We are happy to continue to support our community.

We are partners with  House Cleaning Service Elgin, IL. They have done their part in lowering risk for COVID to spread by offering detailed cleaning in their local area. Thank you to all the companies out there doing their part!

Go Green Program

Want to Go Green? Just request our Go Green Program when setting up your visit. We are happy to use our chemical-free, plant-based products in your home.

Our Policy

Our policy is to treat our customers like we would family. In order to provide the best experience  we want your feedback. We are always growing and want to make sure our customers are always thrilled with the assistance they have received. If you like your experience, please leave us a google review!

Spring Cleaning Services

We love a good spring cleaning just as much as the rest of you. Nothing is better than getting out of winter and welcoming spring with a fresh home. Over the winter dust and germs fill your home with little air flow. After being cooped up all winter there is nothing like opening all of the windows and clearing the winter grim out. We are passionate about fresh starts and want to help enter the new spring season by helping you with your spring maintenance! We are your friendly house cleaning services near you to help with your needs. We know there are a lot of companies out there and we thank you for choosing our Elkhart Cleaners.

Exceptional service

Our business provides more than your outdated maid service. Our staff is highly trained, hard working, and professional. Our special offers include small scale services for AirBNB hosts, remodel and event help. Our team helps assist you in your unique situations to give you to the time to focus on the things that matter. Let us do the chores. Located in Fort Wayne? Use our partners at fortwaynecleaningservice.com

How does my maid get inside my house?

You can give your maid a key or home access code. We also have some clients who prefer to use a lock box. Or if you are most comfortable we can schedule a visit when you are home to let us in.

Do you help with mold?

Our staff is trained to identify common mold and yes, we can assist with mild cases of mold. If our staff finds serious mold issues, they will let the homeowner know and can provide you referrals for local mold removal experts to come help get the mold exterminated. 

Will I get the same person each week?

Our goal is always to provide consistency with who enters your home. In the case that your staff needs to reschedule, you will get the choice between sending a new person on your normal scheduled day or reschedule with your normal staff.

What is your cancellation policy?

We simply ask for a 24 hour cancelation. This can be done by calling and speaking to a representative or leaving a voicemail. This policy ensures our staff can stay organized to best serve all of our loyal customers. 

Do you help with events?

Absolutely! We are happy to help with small event assistance. Call us and let us know the details and we will let you know how many people we will need to get the job done.

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